Sunday, 27 November 2011

Depressing boot fair:

There is nothing worse than going to a depressing boot fair that is full of complete trash for sale.I can walk all the way round a whole field full of cars and stalls and find absolutely nothing worth buying whatsoever and not only is it dperessing but its unfulfilling and there is this air of desperation about the stallholders which i dont enjoy.why else would someone be going to the effort of stalling out with horrible clothes and household tat that is cheap and tacky and why else would someone have a box of records for sale by recording artists as diverse as Barry Manilow and Manotavani and horrible eighties pop ??

Stalls and stalls of plastic toys and baby clothes.

I like hunting through boxes of records but you never ever ever get anything except for rare occasions and quite often when i do find something interesting it is scratched to fuck and completely useless to anyone.

The desperation is like you would find in an Eastern Bloc country except that here you casn buy a sack of potatoes or vegetables wrapped in that horrible shrink wrap and today there was someone giving away bunches of spinach.

The worst example of this was a large bootfair just outside Leeds that my mother insisted on stopping at just because she saw it going on as we drove past it.I really wish that she hadnt noticed it as it was depressing and i bought nothing and my mother was thrilled to have bought a multiple pack of those crisps that are from up North somewhere that i cant recall the name of so that was 1.5 hours i would have preferred to have wasted doing something else.

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