Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Proof Govt plans to privatise NHS ??

"No government minister was available for interview, but a Department of Health spokesman told Channel 4 News that it was wrong to claim the NHS was to be privatised. He said this document was quite simply about back office functions."

There is never a govt minister available for comment when you want one and they always present one of their minions to talk to you on their behalf as they are so very busy doing nothing or wrecking the UK to be available for comment or perhaps it could be read as contempt for the voting public.

Here we have a typical example of their newspeak reverse logic where privatisation is not privatisation even though it is.

So its not wholesale privatisation of the NHS as its a privatisation of its directorship which will be wholesale so its the private sector in control of the NHS while the Doctors etc are the management.The private sector directorship is described as "support" as if to make it sound like something that is benevolent and in a sense it is because the private sector directorship will be very happy to provide as much support as it can and i am certain that there will not be a conflict of interest between the needs of the private sector and the needs of the patients and i am altogether certain that private sector lobbyists were in no way involved with the NHS reforms although i may wrong about that.

What is very noticeable about the statement above is how it completely trivialises the introduction of the private sector directorship as in "back office functions".

You have to wonder what the point of this type of assinine contradictory comment is other than it being a complete denial of what privatisation is but there is a lot of this type of thing around on the part of govt and i really do have better things to do than waste time deconstructing absurd pointless official govt statements.

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