Saturday, 5 November 2011

My sisters freaky ghost story:

First of all my sister isnt into this sort of thing and when i was telling her my stories she was laughing at mine and not taking it at all seriously.

My sister was in car[i cant recall if she said she was the driver] with others at about 2am in Cheshire that was somewhere in the Knutsford/Northwich area and the car was going towards a bridge and my sister spotted this figure by the side of the road up ahead that was wearing a long black coat or cloak with a tricorn hat like a highwayman and as the car drove past the figure my sister said the figure had the head of a horse.Noone else in the car saw this for whatever reason but at the exact point when the car went past the horse headed figure they all felt the car drive over something or hit something.

Some kind of bizarre supernatural fusion of a highwayman and his horse.

Thats just the freakiest thing i have ever heard and i would love to have seen it myself and i dont get why she would make this up and i dont think she is or she had better not be or else.

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