Thursday, 3 November 2011

Shocking allegations concerning Jimmy Saville

I have no idea what to make of this at all and i reserve judgement simply because i have no basis on which to pass judgement but its rather unfortunate if there is any truth in it.The interesting aspect of this article is it was published immediately after Jimmy saville died which was to avoid libel obcviously since the dead cannot refute what they are accused of.

You dont expect the presenter of JimLFixIt to have that kind of background.

I find it a little bit cowardly that the article was published when it was rather than previously and i have no clue about the website or its reputation.

I have no idea if there is other info available on the web and quite honestly i dont want to find out as what i read was enough.The negative aspect of this is that i would rather not have known about it but it was too late for that as soon as i read the link to the article which was completely unexpected.

Another article:

I am fully aware of the perversion and satanism etc etc that goes on within the establishment and i am very aware of child abuse in childrens homes and i am aware of a lot of other things as well but i never expected this.Everyone knows about Gary Glitter the paedophile tourist but there is a whole lot more going on than that.One example is Edward Heath who was a very sick and depraved and maladjusted individual and i recall that my grandmother on my mothers side was a friend of Edward Heath or had some kind of connection as i recall seeing loads of pictures of her and Edward Heath that were taken in her garden in the 70s.I might ask my mother what the connection was and what was going on but the reason i point this out is because what i found out about Edward Heath you dont know about so it was weird seeing the photos etc with that in mind.I guess it was something to do with the Conservative Party as my grandmother was a die hard Conservative who loved to have a go at the Left/Labour and call them "Fascists" and "Fascist Pigs" which was funny :D and she was well known for being very outspoken/verbally aggressive and so is my mother and its where i get it from as well.

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