Saturday, 5 November 2011

G20 2011 Cannes Filth festival :

Salute the gang-raping loan sharking banksterfilths G20 representatives !!!

Look how this filth flaunt their own egotism and the way that they openly celebrate themselves and look how they all congragulate each other over how they financially rape you all and start wars and spend your taxes and steal your taxes and get away with it as you let them and look how for them its Xmas everyday and look how they choose Cannes as a way of flaunting themselves as if they are film stars as if they expect everyone to be in awe of them and suck up to them and look how they think that they are gods gift to everyone.

Gosh !!! They are all so important!!!

Its THE event of the year !!!

How much did all this cost ??? and how many courses were there at their banquets!!!

They all look so happy as they enjoy screwing you over.

Sarkozy is so big headed and full of himself that if you look at him closely his head is actually too big for his body.It also looks like Sarkozy and Merkel are in love at first sight.

In the 2nd photo Obama looks a bit lost and clueless due to the lack of a teleprompter.

They all think they are so tough as they launch war after war after war yet its a fact that they are weak cowards who are themselves incapable of fighting anything and they are such cowards that they cant appear in public without massive amounts of security and bulletproof/bombproof motorcades and an massive entourage of hired security with earpieces yet its easy to imagine that if a firecracker went off they would be running for cover and cowering behind their security.

What they are saying to you by way of this event is they enjoy turning you into impoverished slaves while they flaunt their wealth and influence over your lives and they say "Let them eat cake and eat shit !!|"

So i say Off with their fucking heads.GGGRRRRRRRR

"Obama says G20 priority is to solve European crisis"

More reverse speak or the solving of the crisis is a solution that suits the problem that they created so its about as idiotic as leaving your children in the care of child murdering psychopaths and peadophiles and as idiotic as leaving your house in the care of thieves and housebreakers while you are away.

It makes perfect sense to do that doesnt it ??

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