Wednesday, 23 November 2011

38 degree zombie-like emails:

"Organisations like 38 degwees who are fwightening people and getting them to send emails......"

I am so disinterested in my elected non-representative representatives that i didnt even know who this Simon Burns monkey is until i was notified of this video by 38 degrees so i have to thank them for the introduction.

"38 degwees are a terrible organisation who weally should be compwetely banned and they are doing themselves a disservice with these disorganised zombielike wrants"

"How can 38 Degwees object to pwivateising the NHS ??"

Do you ever get the impression that you are treated with utter contempt by your elected non-representative representatives ??

Its a corporate/economic fascist system just like i have been saying for years now and i think finally it is beginning to sink in to everyone finally so go ahead and sign the letter like i have but it wont make any difference as they are all to continue to forward their agenda regardless of what you say about it.Everyone keeps voting for them all so the cycle just continues..........

I wouldnt even accept an apology from this corporate sellout POS muppet whore who is a complete buffoon.

I will be sure to vote Labour next time round as they will be sure to fix the problem so Labour need to get rid of Millerband as Labour need a strong charismatic party leader like Caroline Flint or EDs Balls who have the right kind of leadership qualities to reverse the decline of the Liebour party so they really need to get their act together with a whole new agenda of election promises before their next conference.The election promises need to broken once elected as a multitude of broken election pledges are guaranteed to keep the voters coming back for more again and again again.........

By all means complain and register your disapproval but be sure that you dont learn from your experience so that you keep making the same mistake over and over again.

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