Thursday, 3 November 2011

The best house in Brighton:

Fife house is by far the best house in Brighton.I have been in it a few times but i dont like a lot of the decor.Generally i dont like fussy ornamentation and garish color schemes as its not my taste but i admire the craftsmenship involved and its part of my work to paint it and repair it but i couldnt live with it although i could if it was all blocked out in white or cream or whatever.I have spent weeks just painting celings like these and weeks stripping paint from plaster mouldings.

The other property seems to be vastly overpriced compared to Fife House and i have been inside that house as well as i know the owner and i have just finished redecorating and repairing the facade which was ongoing through summer and early autumn.There is no comparison between the two whatsoever and either one of them is overpriced or one of them is underpriced.

The curious thing is these types of properties always change ownership on a regular basis for some reason as i have known quite a few people who have lived in these kinds of houses and they always seem to move on from them.

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