Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Libya war: RAF squadron back home after five months:

"DELIGHTED pilots return home to their relieved families after five months of sorties over Libya.
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Senior Aircraftman Adam Ritchie was greeted by beaming daughter Megan, seven, when the heroes from 2 (AC) Squadron touched down at RAF Marham in Norfolk.

Sgt Tristram was welcomed home by son Owen, 18 months, and wife Kelly. The squadron was based in Italy as part of Operation Ellamy."

I dont know exactly what this particular squadron got up to in Libya so i cant attack them personally [but i will use them to make my point] but i wonder how the RAF pilots feel when they get home after all the bombing of civilian areas and the bombing of children ??

It cant escape their minds that their bombing campaigns have consequences to those on the ground despite the fact they are completely detached from it so surely they think about this aspect of their job from time to time ??

Also i do find it sickening how the article sucks up to them and their families while completely ignoring the families in Libya whos lives have been torn apart or ended by NATO bombing campaigns and US pilotless drones as if their lives are worthless.

If i was in their position i would be thinking about this a lot.

Such as it is though i no longer have any respect for the military and havent done so for some time because of their actions.Everyone is judged by their actions so why should the military be exempt ??

I think they are worthless cowards in this instance.

I am always told to support the troops as it were but the troops as it were make this very very difficult indeed.

Imagine being one of the RAF pilots who bombed Dresden resulting in a firestorm which was made worse by the prevailing winds at the time which is why the bombing campaign went ahead at that particular time.Dresden was a sanctuary city for German children during WW2 which was supposed to be off limits to the RAF etc due to the very high population density of relocated children and when it was bombed 500,000 ++ children were incinerated alive.

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