Wednesday, 16 November 2011


"Smoking in cars should be banned : Doctors"

"Because of the small enclosed space inside a car, smoking creates 23 times more toxins than found in a smoky bar, it was claimed."

Absolute nonsense.How can 23 additional toxins be created out of the existing number of toxins present in a cigarette ?

How does that happen ??

Is this more of this absurd pseudoscience that you get more and more of these days ??

It doesnt create 23 additional toxins as all that happens it the toxins in cigerette smoke are contained in a much smaller space which is hermetically sealed unlike a bar that is well ventilated and obviously a much larger space so the effect is one of concentration rather than magically creating 23 additional toxins out of thin air.

Alternatively its claiming that the toxins are multiplied 23 times which means the existing toxins but again it makes no sense at all how those toxins can multiply to that extent simply because they are in an enclosed space.

"It was claimed"

Then the claim needs to be 100 percent verified before its a scientific fact as a claim in itself is not enough but they claim that C02 is bad for the planet which is completly absurd if you know anything about real science rather than quackery.

Blind them all with pseudo science that is "peer reviewed" and they wont question as the majority have no clue what "peer reviewed" actually means and how it is subject to a bias.

Its just junk that is thrown out there that insults your intelligence to create the pretext for them to do what they want to do.

These control freaks are obsessed with banning things and actink like they are my superiors who know whats good for me better than i do and while i could get very irritated by it i usually completely disregard it if its something i dont feel is necessary and this is one of those instances where they can just go and fuck themselves as i will continue to do what i want and make my own decisions as i am quite capable.

If i am in a car with children then i wouldnt ever light up and the same with someone elderly or if there was someone else in the car who doesnt smoke or if it was someone who is ill for whatever reason as its just simple common sense and decency.

Other than that if i am in my own car or in someone elses car who smokes and its fine to smoke as its not affecting anyone else then its none of their fucking business what goes on in a private vehicle so keep the fuck out of my private business and fucking stay out permanently as i dont need your childish control freak authoritarianism in my life and dont try any of that operant conditioning shit with me as it wont have any effect whatsoever.

I also will refuse to comply with unreasonable control freakism because of others stupidity as i am sick of that attitude as well .They do it so you all have to suffer.

I will use my own common sense and decency and discretion if thats ok thank you very fucking much and i wont be compelled to do anything i dont want to do.

Why not refine it a bit so that smnoking in cars with children results in penalties rather than a blanket outright ban ??

A ban with penalties like a fine or whatever is operant conditioning as its fear of consequences that is meant as a deterrent and is the same thing that you do when bringing up children or training a dog.

Legislation = encouragement = operant conditioning which is really coercion.

They will be trying to tell you what to do in your own home next and in any case a ban wont stop anything as there will always be those who choose not to comply like myself.

The problem with control freaks is they dont recognise limits and perameters unlike the normally adjusted who do.

I fully cooperate with not smoking on trains or in pubs or in public buildings etc etc although i do still smoke on train platforms if its open to the elements like most are as it makes no fucking difference but if they start getting into my car or home then they will have a problem.

I never have liked being told what to do and as far as the govt are concerned then they need to get their own house in order and focus on their duties as public servants but its typical of these types as they always want to control others but are incapable of controlling themselves.

I am getting sick and tired of this fucking country which is becoming more and more like an open prison w3here personal choice is being phased out.I plan on moving out into the sticks somewhere away from it all.

There are all these radioactive isotopes and particles etc trapped in the atmosphere of the northern hemisphere in unprecedented amounts due to recent events but that doesnt matter as now it is good for you all of a sudden as if by magic and all they care about is cigarette smoke.

There are a lot of people like myself who are fucking sick of all this and who dont really give a flying fuck about these petty control freak directives.

There is also an argument that says you should not multi-task while driving but smoking is hardly that much of a distraction unlike making or answering calls on a mobile as that is a ban that actually makes sense for once but having said that if you have to take a call then you have to and the police take calls while driving so if they can everyone can in theory.

If there are cars on the road then shit is going to happen no matter what and no amount of control freakery will change anything.

These type of articles never explain anything about how they arrive at these conclusions as its always "the scientists claim" or "according to experts" and all that type of crap as if they are talking down to you while you slavishly accept their every word on everything as if you dont know any better.They always present only one side of the argument which supports themselves while opposition is always excluded of course as they have to have the final word on everything so they can forward their agenda.

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