Monday, 14 November 2011

That is one of the latest advertisers on Youtube.

It has to be one of the least effective advertising campaigns i have ever seen as who would want to click on that site if the photo of what appears to be a transexual is meant to be aselling point or indicative of the type of clientelle who are members of the site ??

Attrocious.The furniture and decor is terrible as well and bad taste with the faux french sytle chimneypiece and the horrible wallpaper that looks like that type that you can peel off leaving paper on the wall as its that squishy vinyl type paper.Also notice the cheap china figures on top of the fireplace.

Its the kind of look that you have in a room if you have no taste and trying to be classy but it looks like the set of a pornographic film.

Also why would you have a mirror in the room if you look like that ??

"Find the one today on Mature Dating UK"

Its not exactly encouraging so i will give it a miss thanks.

Unfortunately i will have to look at that picture for as long as the ad campaign lasts but Youtube must be desperate for advertising clients by the looks of things or they have substantially reduced their rates as Mature Dating UK looks like its a third rate low end deadbeat website.

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