Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Cyclist collision:

I was partly responsible for a collision with another cyclist today.I was looking at the road as i was looking to leave the cycle path and didnt notice another cyclist who was incoming and luckily i slammed my brakes on and i have very quick reactions.the stupid thing was the other cyclist made no effrort at all to avoid the potential collision and continued on the same trajectory regardless so if i hadnt stopped then a collision was guaranteed as the idiot cyclist was going way too fast.

Its rather like if i was driving along the road and saw someone in the road or a car that had stopped in the road waiting to turn i continued on my trajectory while honking the horn and shouting at them to get out of the way while making no effort to avoid the ciollision.

Never mind though as its par for the course and i am quite used to not only thinking for myself but for others as well as routine as its incredible how dumb people are.

When the SHTF the majority of people wont survive as they lack the intelligence and mental resourcefulness to survive.

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