Tuesday, 15 November 2011

David Icke conspiracy:

I dont really want to go on a bash David Icke trip[although i no longer read his books or listen to his videos] as up to a point he is correct but when he goes off on these kind of far out trips then its a bit of a problem however i do have the choice not to read it or listen to it but this kind of thing makes it very difficult sometimes.

"Chemtrailing may be terraforming by an alien species"

"This is exactly what is happening"

That is a contradiction as how can you have a maybe then be absolutely sure that its the reason that is happening ??

That is unsatisfactory and it comes across as someone who wants to believe in something when belief is out of the question where chemtrailing/geoengineering is concerned as it is not only obviously apparent but also officially confirmed if you are inclined to believe official confirmations but in this case i can as there is no doubt that this filth is being dumped into the atmosphere on a daily basis.

I have seen it myself 3 times only this year in the spring/summer.This was in the UK and i always watch the sky and its unmistakeable but for some reason its an infrequent occurance rather than the US where you see it on a daily basis.For some reason the US is being targetted much more aggressively than other countries but it is an international problem.

Anyway my point is that David Icke has no business claiming an alien species is responsible for it when its clearly a govt program that is documented and admitted so David is getting carried away with himself or/and trying to feed you a line of bullshit that is either his own or someone elses but when he does this he discredits himself.you cant be expected to take the govt seriously and believe what they say yet you should accept this as fact without question because David Icke says its all true as its all in his books ??

What is in a book is not proof and neither are various claims made by individuals as it all needs to corraborated so Jesse Ventura is clearly in the right to ask for absolute proof.I want to see someone shapeshift into a Reptilian before i believe any of it and that isnt unreasonable except it is as i have to suspend disbelief or else i am stupid and uninformed even when the claims are somewhat delusional.I say delusional because that is exactly what it is as you cannot claim absolutes and aggeressively defend the claims when you dont have any absolute proof as its more like a belief system.

If you demand proof then you are told to go away and do your research and homework which is a typical response.

"I know its true as i have done my research!!!"

Doing your research is fine when its govts and Bilderbergers and Bankers and DU etc etc etc but when its aliens and lizards then i want to see them myself as absolute proof.Further to that i have seen UFOs that were not explainable in any plausable way but i am no more convinced of the existence of aliens as a result.

If the lizard people or aliens appear and take over then i will change my opinion but not until and very recently David threw a hissy fit and wrote a hit piece on Jesse Ventura who called him out over it on TV and i dont see why its a problem asking for absolute irrefutable proof of your claims but clearly it is but i find this kind of behaviour from Icke to be rather juvenile and uncalled for.Uploading pictures of Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura as part of the hit piece simply because they share the same name is very childish and stupid.Its a juvenile pissing contest.

David Icke is a hypocrite as he complains about being the victim of hit pieces yet he does the same thing ??

If you dispute that Geo-engineering is going on then you need to have a rethink because you are wrong as i know what blue skies look like and contrails and there is no comparison unless you wish to disprove known facts about the atmosphere and its constituents and how clouds and ice crystals and spent fuel behaves in the atmosphere and how the flight paths of planes creating chemtrails do not follow the normal designated flight paths of commercial aircraft to the point that they appear where no flight paths are present.Explain why and how the atmosphere has changed so radically in the last 2 decades.

David Icke/Jesse Ventura:


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