Saturday, 5 November 2011

OWS = anti-capitalists ?

Apparently its a problem that OWS are continually referred to as anti-capitalists.

Apart from the OWS protestors that are anti-capitalist which is rather a lot of them the reason for this is because the MSM are trying to create a consensus that presumes that every OWS protestor is anti-capitalist which has been their game all along.This is meant to perpetuate the popular misconception that capitalism is the cause of the problem to further demonise or talk down capitalism so that the system can promote its solution of more taxes and more collectivism as the solution.

Very very few OWS protestors are shouting down with corporatism and even if they were the MSM and the BBC would never describe the OWS protestors as anti-corporatist.The majority of them are clueless politically naive monkeys and postive proof of that is the complete lack of focus on corporatism and privately owned central banks which has so far eluded them or their intellects dont stretch that far which is why you continually hear and see them shouting down with capitalism and tax the rich.

They talk about the 1 percent yet they fail to identify the 1 percent and they think that the 1 percent are Wall St traders and Micheal Moore so you end up with nothing more than class envy and no more capitalism because its so unfair that some have more cash than others so we should "tax the rich" [tax the middle class] to raise tax revenue so that "they pay their fair share" to pay off fraudulent debt and interest that is unrepayable that isnt your debt to pay off so paying more taxes to the banking filth who created the problem is a solution ???

Stupid stupid monkeys.

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