Tuesday, 1 November 2011

We Are Wall St:

"We are Wall St.Its our job to steal your cash.Wether its a commodity or stock or bond or some hypothetical piece of fake paper like a Federal Reserve Note or a US Treasury Bond or a Derivative like the forged deeds to a property it really doesnt matter.We would trade anything if its profitable.I didnt hear America complaining when the market was roaring to 14,000 and everyones 401K doubled every 3 years but that was before we fucked up and were bailed out by Americans.Now Americans are pissed at us due to our monumental fraud and deception and greed and now americans are pissed at us as they have had their retirement funds reduced to half their value or less while we get bailed out by them and offer nothing of any value in return.No wonder they are angry and if i was an ordinary American instead of a Wall ST trader or hedge fund manager or investment banker i would be angry as hell about it.Just like gambling its not a problem until you lose which is fair as no one wants to lose right ?? but when you lose its tough shit as you have to take it but when its Wall St its different and when we lose you have to pay for it and pay for our mistakes and our fraud as that is the way it is so what is the problem ??

I have never heard of anyone going to Gamblers anonymous because they won too much in Vegas in the same way that you will never hear anyone in Wall ST complaining when they make too much money but when Wall St loses we go and get free money off the taxpayer to pay for our losses and our greed and stupidity because we are so important and too big to fail.

Well now the market kind of crapped out which was partly our fault and although it has comeback somewhat and despite our market manipulation and despite the fact that banks that were bailed have hoarded the cash simply because it is more profitable and because we were told to and all the rest of it the average Joes that have lost their homes and businesses and saving etc are still looking for a scapegoat !!

Like you know what exactly is their problem ???

God knows there has to be one for everything ..well here we are except it really was partly our fault so we are not really scapegoats unless everyone forgets that it was also the fault of govt who changed the regulations and removed the restrictions that were there to stop this kind of problem from happening and the FEDRES.Why should we get all the blame for it ??

Go ahead and continue to take us down but youre only going to hurt yourselves but you cant hurt us as we are special and untouchable and above it all and above the law and if you try to protest about it in the financial district then we will cower inside and call in the special govt paramilitaries to beat you all up and clear you off the streets.Whats going to happen when we cant find jobs on the street anymore ? Guess what were going to take your jobs as we are special and important and too big to fail but we could all just retire and live off the cash that we have stolen from all of you instead but we are going to take your jobs anyway because we are entitled to it.Were used to not getting up to pee when we have a position as we just wet ourselves instead and the same when we want to crap as well as we just shit ourselves and think nothing of it.We get up at 5am and work till 10pm or later and we dont even bother going to the washroom when we want to snort cocaine as just we snort cocaine when we are working as we dont have time to stop.We dont take an hour or more for a lunch break even though we could if we wanted to and we dont demand a union and the reason i say all this is to prove just how much better Wall St is than you are as we are better and more hardworking than you are so just get over it !!.

we are going to take your jobs because we are better at landscaping gardens and teaching children than you are

We dont retire at 50 with a pension although we do and we do have pensions as well which is why we aim to make as much cash as possible so we can keep some back for our retirement but that different.We eat what we kill and steal and when the only thing left to eat is your dinner plates we will eat those after we have stolen and eaten your dinner after we demanded it from you and if it was their last bit of food they would gladly give it to us as we are more important and special and too big to fail so we cant go without and our self importance and greed and rapaciousness is more important than you are.

We might as well steal your homes as well which is what we are doing already anyway so tough shit Americans so stop complaining and protesting as we need you a lot more than you need us.

Dont ever ask for your cash back as you are not going to get it back because we have it and you cant have it back because we said so and because we have stolen it and spent it or lent it out to a foreign bank and its your fault as you shouldnt have given us your cash but it was so easy because the Obama Adminstration and Democratic National Committee that we are whining about bailed us all out when we went to them with our begging bowls after listening to our hard luck stories but we might as well whine about them as well.

No more free rides from the taxpayer off their backs anymore.We are going to have to pay for everything ourselves like washing our cars and cleaning the pool.

Our money was your money.You invested and we stole it and spent it.When your money dries up so does ours.When we cant steal from you what are we supposed to then ???


We could all start a charity to help bankers when they fall on hard times.If everyone gave just 1 USD there would be over 300 million USD and a lot of bankers could be helped with 300 million dollars and they might have to change their lifestyle a bit but it would stop them going without completely.

That shit cant b 4 real as it must be a spoof as in what is in the photo as i cant believe anyone would seriously write that for any other reason.

Are there going to be We Are Wall St protestors protesting aginst the OWS protestors ??

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