Friday, 11 November 2011

VICE magazine:

I picked up a copy of this POS magazine recently against my better judgement and it managed to exceed my expectations of it which was that it would be mindless style conscious garbage with no substance whatsoever.

A complete waste of paper and resources and the standard of literacy and vocubulary on offer was substandard and sloppy and one of the most irritating aspects of the various articles was the casual use of the word fuck and various other aspects that i have now forgotten about and i have no wish to remind myself of them again for the purposes of this article so that will have to suffice.

There is nothing of any substance in it at all and i was just turning the pages and nothing registered as it seemed to be just aadvertising and photos of meterosexual males and trendy fashion victim shallow women.Fine if you like that sort of thing but its not my thing and i am sick of seeing feminised meterosexual males who all seem to be of uniform height and build with no body body mass or muscle.Fucking wimps.

That shallow and dumbed down idiot in the picture probably got his teeth knocked out for being an annoying prick.

That moron in the photo with the sunglasses and oversized mouth and deranged look wants his/her head to be pounded into the ground face down and i would be very happy to do it.

As for the mental case who appears to be drowning in a goldfish bowl i really dont know what to say about that at all but it speaks for itself.

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