Friday, 25 November 2011

Suitable for vegetarians:

Sometimes the labelling of food as being suitable for vegetarians is absurd and pointless.

Is it really necessary to label a jar of M+S Tomato and Herb pasta sauce with that label when its self explanatory that it is suitable for vegetarians ?

Of course its suitable for vegetarians as it doesnt have meat in it stupid.Does not eating meat lower the IQ ?

[the only plausable explanation is a tomato sauce can contain meat stock]

If so then it explains why meat products are labelled as not suitable for vegetarians as if that is not obvious enough ?[if that is incorrect then its sarcasm]

Why would buy and eat meat if you are vegetarian without checking the label that confirms its not suitable for vegetarians ?

Would you eat some meat by mistake and not realise its meat unless you checked the label ?

If i buy a burger do i need to check that it contains beef ?

Do i require a label on a packet of minced beef that says "suitable for carnivores"?

If i buy a packet of GM peanuts i dont need to be told that they are suitable for vegetarians as you wouldnt expect to find any meat in a packet of peanuts and also the label tells you that "this product may contain traces of nuts" or "This packet contains nuts"|.

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