Wednesday, 23 November 2011

We are Occupy Wall St - [repeat] - We are Occupy Wall St - [repeat] -

"There is something wrong - [repeat] - There is something wrong - with the system - [repeat] - with the system"

"We are - [repeat] - We are - The Nineeynine Percent - [repeat] - The Nineeynine Percent"

"Mike check -[repeat] - Mic check - [Mic check]

They are also desperate to be heard instead of being ignored so they have to repeat everything twice - so they have to repeat everything twice.

I am not sure what 99 percent they are talking about here either as i dont want to be part of this particular 99 percent as they are a complete embarressment.

99 percent of city parks have 72.5 percent of the trees and open spaces in each city so occupy your nearest city park.

The Federal Reserve has a 99 percent share of the issuance of currency that is created out of nothing and charged to the taxpayer with interest payable so ignore that and Occupy Wall St instead.

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