Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Kerbstone inscriptions:

I started noticing these in the last few months particularly in central London and here where large granite kerbstones are used that date to the turn of the 19th century and victorian times.The antique/period kerbstones are usually worn to a smooth surface and were cut after quarrying to a reasonably smooth surface rather than rough cut.They often have letters like an upper case A or W or a govt issue arrow or a fire hydrant mark except no fire hydrants are present as you dont really get them in the UK.I have seen a lot of other more interesting symbols that look to be esoteric and i have also seen crucifies.All of these inscriptions were done at the time they were cut or laid in position.The odd esoteric symbols were spooted around the aqrea of the Masonic hall in Gt Queen St London.

I am really curious about it now and the more i start looking the more of them i see wheras before i never really took any notice of them.

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