Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Suspect pepper sprayed protestors:

There is something suspect and not right about what is going on in this picture which has taken on a life of its own and its being compared with the photo of Tianeman Square which i totally disgree with as there is no comparison but people have their own ideas that are usually wrong but its incredible that this is compared with someone who was squashed by a tank very shortly after the photo was taken.

The pig in the photo looks to be just as casual about spraying the protestors as he would be at home if he was watering the flowers.

What is clearly very suspect is how these protestors were able to not be visibly affected by being sprayed with pepper spray and its like it hasnt affected them at all.This happened to them twice and still it had no apparent effect on them as there were none of the symptoms of pepper spray showing whatsoever and the various effects of pepper spray are very unpleasent even in very low concentrations.

Pepper spray is oily and sticky and very difficult to wash off and remove and even after it has been washed off the symptoms take a long time to wear off.washing it off with water makes it worse and the only thing that alleviates the effects of it is milk so i find it very very unusual and exceptional that these protestors were able to be apparently resistant to it.In one of the videos i have watched of this event i clearly saw one of the protestors fiddling with his glasses in between being sprayed while being visibly unaffected by the spray so that is just a little bit suspect.

If this is some kind of theatre/staged event and the orange liquid is not pepper spray and the apparent protestors are not protestors then this does raise a lot of questions and i havent given it any thoughts as to why and what the objective of the exercise is and the psychology involved as there has to be a motive involved here.Its really weird to say the least.If it was staged then the obvious fact that the event has created a backlash that is counterproductive to The Pigs That Be so it seems perverse.

Everytime i read an article about this the articles never go into detail about who the protestors are and neither is there any mention of the protestors being affected in any way by the pepper spray.

This is a perfectly reasonable line of inquiry and if you dont think so then you really ought to try some pepper spray for yourself and see if you can completely ignore the effects of it.

These corporate fascist paramilitary pigs that are appearing and multiplying at an alarming rate all over the US like a Tsunami in recent weeks all seem to have the same kind of identikit look about them as if to suggest that they are the result of some kind of selective breeding program like faceless identikit drones.They are all on steroids and are the product of mind control and behaviour manipulation programs and psychological profiling.They are also always of the same height and build and more often than not they are overweight with this kind of dead look in their eyes like they have no souls and very little mental activity.They wouldnt last long in a real fight as they are unfit slobs who cant think independently and they are only trained to use certain tactics only so they would be a pushover.When they are threatened they always bunch up together for security which makes it very easy to surround them as they do the work for you and if you cut off their communications from the Pig command centre then they would be completely lost.

They are bullies and there is only one way to deal with them and from my own experience i have only ever engaged them once which was at a protest in Hyde Park that was against the Criminal Justice Act and when it all degenerated into a riot there was this bizarre situation that i found myself in where i was on the park side of the railings that run alongside Hyde Park in Park Lane and a squad of riot police were on the other and they kept on forming a line behind their shields and charging at the railings which was bizarre and pointless so along with a couple of others we lifted a park bench that was made up of three seperate large pieces of concrete with wooden planks and waited until the Pigs were right up against the railings and then lifted up and dropped the bench on top of them which was very enjoyable.

Whatever they are they are Filth and Pigs arent known as Filth for nothing.

I usually only attend protests in an observational capacity rather than being directly involved although by being there i am directly involved in a sense if that makes any sense which it probably doesnt.

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