Monday, 22 December 2008

WTF is wrong with people in this country ???

I have just been told a report by my Dad who couldnt believe it when he saw it and my Mum unfortunately who takes rather a dim view of this sort of thing and my sister too.

Motorway services: 18 dirty white vans with builder types [You know the types - I do anyway .Fucking garbage] OPENLY standing in the road that you have to drive through past the truck stop to get back on the motorway ALL pissing in the road and waving their Cocks arounds pissing everywhere in the road and laughing and sticking their fingers up at cars going past that they were partially blocking/obstructing/pissing on !!!!

Fucking unbelievable ,uncouth , vulgar and sick behaviour yet they all thought it was funny !!

These fuckers need to be taught courtesy and respect for others

I dont find that type of behaviour very funny and neither do the rest of the family especially my Mum and quite honestly if i was driving that car then i would have been tempted to drive the car straight at the fuckers and teach them a lesson they wont forget.I would have just clipped them and not go for an actual hit and run.If i was there i would have seen RED as my mother has very high standards and doesnt want to be exposed to that kind of Shit from anyone.I think my dad honked the horn and swore at them all.I would have done a lot more than that especially if the car was splashed with their piss.

Something has gone very seriously wrong with these people.My Dad was saying that these people used to be good people.Not much money and a different class but good people all the same but something has gone seriously wrong with them all.Its a cultural sea change that has happened for the worse.

So the upshot of all this is WTF are we doing living in this country ????

The UK is becoming like a Third World country and i blame the Govt as usual.

I am sick of Trash people.They are everywhere and there are millions of them.

None of them give a shit about what is going on or anything else except themselves.

I dont want to be associated or come into contact with any of them.

Fuck them all.

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