Monday, 29 December 2008

Problem people:

Never trust anyone if they have an axe to grind with you particularly in business as i have found out someone is trying to steal work from me that is rightfully mine and steer it towards someone else so i lose out.I know this partly because its obvious as i can read people like books and partly because i have intelligence and operatives in the field who i have been reliably informed by.

This may be part of an ongoing problem that i thought was resolved ?.The secret to dealing with this type of thing is not to let the problem person know that you know in any way.

"I know someone who i have in mind and i recommend them etc...."

You dont know anyone or have anyone in mind or recommend anyone so STFU already.

There is an easy way to resolve and its already being dealt with but its always funny how some people get carried away with themselves and dont think things through but the problem with a lot of people who are of average intelligence is that they always think that they are cleverer than they actually are so they are very predictable and *always* trip themselves up or give themselves away in some way.Its just a waiting game usually.Plus its a case of being able to see all the angles that they might try to use and out manouvering them without them realising it.

There is always the other option of course but i dont want to go there and in this case i dont have the luxury of doing that anyway for various reasons.This has to be handled sensitively.

I am not being cheated out of any work in this economic climate by some little shit who is too stupid for his own good and dont know their place plus myself and one other recommended them and got them a large amount of work with NO thanks whatsoever.Instead all i get is arrogant attitude.Insecure people always let their position or power go to their heads.He is justa 5 foot little shit who drinks too much who looks heavily pregnant due to the size of his fat gut.

Fucking Plebs.

Power corrupts because most people are shitheads before they had any power.

Its unbelievable really.

Games up now.

I just wish they wouldnt do this sort of thing but like i say they are stupid and full of shit so i find if you have any kind of contact [directly or indirectly] with people like this you have to factor in a load of Bullshit that just wastes everyones time.

Professionals dont bring their bullshit personal baggage into the workplace.They leave it at home instead.They are always too chickenshit to say what they think directly but they play silly little games behind ones back and make it obvious they are doing it.In this case its they way they act and little signals they give out unawares.

I dont like people doing things behind my back or going over my head that are against my best interests and i play things *completely* openly and honestly with everyone i do work for and have dealings with so really this Shit just rubs me up the wrong way.

Life and progress is difficult enough without this shit but whats mine is mine and it stays that way.

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  1. What a fucking dickweed you are.