Monday, 15 December 2008

Dr.Barnados advert :

I know that the Ad has an important message in it but please pack this advert in or make another as i cant stand it.I cant stand anything about it and worse than that i cant work out WTF is going on in it as its a confused mess.It cuts and starts over and over again and each time i hear the geezer say "you worthless piece of whatever and SLAPPP/thump it *really* gets my back up so just Pack It The Fuck in channel 4.

"You worthless piece of etc doesnt need to be fast cutted/repeated over and over and over again as i have got the point they are making and i generally get the point the first time as i am a fast learner.

What is the story with the girl in the film anyway ? Is it the same character or different as she lacks continuity as in one scene she looks like a chav who is fighting outside a shop who then looks like she has overdosed on heroin or heroin/speed mixed or crack and is suffering heart failure or is about to turn blue then she is in the classroom and says something that is unintelligable then she is locked in a room with bars over the window that looks like an institution ?

Really i havent a fucking clue .

Also in these type of ads that show the negative side of the UK like deprived areas the sky always looks to be overcast which because it creates a dull sort of diffused light that seems to exaggerate the grimness of what is being put across to the viewer.

"Worthless - 20 quid - Worthless - 20 quid - Worthless - 20 quid - 20 quid - 20 quid - 20 quid -ad nauseum.

Its on during every fucking advert break when i was trying to unwind by watching Catastrophe and it just pisses me off and if it happens again i will switch channels for the duration because i resent having this unpleasent shit rammed down my throat every 15 minutes.

And here we go again as i type .......

And piss off BT advert family guy as well.Fucking bland non entity who represents some kind of "Everyman" in his blandness plus his Ikea-ed living room with his Mrs Average looking wife and brats in tow. GGGRRRRR.

I hate retarded adverts trying to flog their crap products.

Channel 4 are announcing their Xmas TV specials plus later tonight we have the obligatory Kaiser Chiefs with their own special variety of northern pedestrian plodding indie geezer rock which can be summed up as S-H-I-T-E .I want to give the singer a punch in the face for being annoying.His face and attitude annoys me intensely plus he is always chewing gum plus that peculiar type of premature ageing syndrome that you get with someone who is 30 or so but looks like they are in their sixties.

Collaborating with Mark Ronson. Bloody Mark Ronson.The sun shines out of the arse of Mark Ronson plus its where he gets all of his musical inspiration from.

Even the band didnt really know what Mark Ronson actually did in the studio or if he did anything.If he did contribute anything then it wouldnt have made any kind of improvement anyway.

They are like a joke band.

Has anyone heard "Good Days and Bad Days ??? Jesus fucking christ.Who is that Monkey behind the keyboard ?? What a joke.He sounds like he is playing a Rolf Harris Stylophone.

Thats all i have to say about them right now but no doubt i will be back for more later to give them a piece of my mind.

In the meantime Channel 4 have a Charlotte Church special and she is going to be mauled very soon as well.

Last but not least though we have a Xmas Eve special from The Friday night project that features not one but two of the most annoying and unpleasent presenters EVER.Apart from the general sliminess of Alan Carr there is that annoying beardy fat bouncy dwarfish twat with the floppy bouncy hair who looks like he has his hand up Alan Carrs arse in the same kind of way that a ventriloquist controls his little inanimate friend.In the advert for it they seemed to be insinuating something of a sexual nature with their nodding heads.They both give me the creeps.

I cant stand their live FuckTard Rent - an - Audience either.Why is everything so fucking funny with them ? Really WTF is so funny ??? Are they drugged or are they coerced into laughing at anything in some way ? or are they just happy little FuckTards worshipping at the alter of television and its some kind of high point in their lives ? Probably the latter.

Fucking die will you !!! Oh well i cant have everything my own way unfortunatly but i am glad neither of them will reproduce so thats something to be pleased about anyway.

Simon Pegg is a guest presenter on the show but why ? WHY ??? I will let you off just this once but beware and take it from me its a very slippery slope and thats not just because Alan Carr is so slimy.

I believe in Intelligent design as a theory even though i am an agnostic because if it is evidence of a higher intelligence and the "God" as it were set out to create the most annoying absurd species on the planet then to a large extent they were successful apart from small yappy dogs but they dont count as they have been created by Humans.

Thats even more evidence of the crapness of Humans.They cant even create new species of Dog without making them small,annoying,pointless,ugly,noisy and CRAP.

Not all of you humans are annoying and Crap though.Just the majority.

An advert for perfume from Hugo Boss features a track from the Jesus and Mary Chain that i forget the name of but it was on their first album and now i want to listen to it again or the whole album as its a work of genius.


I say though The Police live onstage with Elvis Costello are really rather good what ?

I dont know why they need 2 drummers though.

Last of all the "Talk to Frank " Cocaine advert.I will get to this later.

Same goes for the WKD vodka drink adverts .Later.But why would anyone drink anything that looks like diluted blue water out of a chemical toilet ??? I hope it poisons the Fuckers that drink it.


What a Shit place the UK and its popular culture has turned into.

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