Monday, 8 December 2008

Disappointed ?

NO change.

You will be before long and its just like i have been saying all along.

Dont take my word for it though .Look at who Obama is appointing into the cabinet.Sleaze merchants and the dregs of political society .Lowlife.Failed politicians and generals etc.Also he has appointed a whole load of people that are directly/indirectly responsible for the financial crisis.

Rahm Emmanuel ??? What a fucking catastrophe.I cant even laugh at this as laughter is innapropriate here as this isnt a laughing matter.He is a fucking cowboy and is unfit for office and is a dual nationality Israeli.

Robert Gates ?? He is a fucking Neocon !!@ and some general who was sacked because he was telling the Bush administration things that they didnt want to hear about timescales and troop numbers in Iraq .He was telling the truth.I forget the name.

CLINTONS !!!!!!!

NO change.

Same shit different day just like i said.

MORE wars ,MORE military spending , more unemployment , more economic disasters ,more of everything.MORE conflict in the middle east.

You will all have to learn the hard way unfortunately and once again i told you so.

Obama loves Israel and by the way i would have been saying just the same thing if McCain was elected.It makes no difference as Obama has appointed loads of Bush cabinet members anyway.

I will continue to drive this point home every so often and if anyone thinks that i am saying this to get at Obama [LEAVE OBAMA ALONE !!!!@@** WAAAAAAAAGGGHHHH !!!] then please just grow up because this is far more important than your petty indulgences or mine for that matter as this is about reality NOT false messiahs /con artists/ scam merchants/Personality cults.

People have been conned and have been led by the nose.

You all fucked up big time because you are stupid and will not listen and educate yourselves.

George Soros anyone ??

General Jim jones anyone ??

Troops out of Iraq ?? Dont be silly.

I never heard Obama talk about the plight of the Palestinians in the largest concentration camp on the planet in the Gaza strip and he proposes NO solution to the Socio Economic situation with African Americans apart from more more welfare handouts.He doesnt really give a fuck about them anyway as like everyone else they will be fucked over even more than they are already.Obama only gives a fuck about Wall St bankers.They get all the money.

The people can all eat cake.

ALL that he has done is delay/temporarily defuse the anger of the people of the US who are angry about the destruction of their country and failure of government which is a large number apart from Obama converts and even some Liberals are already asking what is going on.

Hardly ANY of you have ANY real clue about what and who we are dealing with here .

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