Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Fuck ID cards:

Fuck them.Fuck them all.Fuck New Labour and Fuck Jacqui smith [actually who would want to do that ?].She probably stinks of kippers or fish.

Fuck them .I will not be "forced" or "encouraged" to do anything i dont want to do.They can fucking try it anytime they like.

I will not submit any details into a Stasi-ist police state database because its a fucking liberty.

WTF do they think this place is ? East Germany ??

Fucking Communitarian lowlife sellout trash and i dont usually condone violence especially towards women but i would really like to swiftly and painlessly break her neck.

The UK is being used as a massive social experiment by these Fuckers.

And Fuck Right Off Margaret Hodge who knowingly sheltered Paedophiles. "Some may call it a nanny state ,I call it a force for good".

The filthy trash make me sick.

I cant wait for payback time for these fuckers.

No one likes New Labour so why dont they just fuck off ?

Whats the horrible smell ? New Labour.

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