Saturday, 6 December 2008

Sandbanks comes to Hastings:

This has been happening for a while at Pett and Fairlight with more and more individually built homes.A few years ago there were hardly any in Hastings.One or Two maybe but the house in the picture is the most godawful ugly pile of rubbish i have ever seen.It looks like its modelled on Yuppie furniture.Horrendous.It looks unfinished and it looks arab like something in Dubai.I hope they like window cleaning as they will be doing lots of that and if its very windy its going to be so noisy.

1.5 million + for a 1.5 acre plot with consent to build the home in the picture.

Fucking awful.

I always fancied building a little single story house at Dungeness and living there but that idea is out of the window as my dad was saying Dungeness B is going to be decomissioned and another Dungeness C is going to be built so its all going to kick off there with large scale construction and decommissiong which will take years and years so NO peace and quiet.

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