Friday, 19 December 2008


I dont really like using or saying the word.

I ONLY use it in EXTREME cases like describing Al Gore for example.I post on a political forum with a fair bit of heated debate and posting and i have used the word only *once* and that was not directed at a forum user.I have never been called a Cunt once either online by anyone.Not even on Youtube.

Also in 704 posts here i have only used the word 2 maybe 3 times or half a dozen times to be safe but NO more than that and It has only been used against Politician/Bankster/NWO/Globalist/Nazi/NeoLiberal


Communitarian/Communist/Socialist Garbage anyway.

NONE of them are fit to rule over as they are TRASH and GARBAGE .

The present Royal Family are Trash except for William and Harry and Princess Di gawd bless er soul.The jury is out on Prince Charles who does do some good and i dont dislike him at all. As for the rest i am none too keen on ugly inbred descendants of German Pig farmers who are NOT Aristocrats.The Spencer family are Aristocrats.Aristocrats can be traced back but if you trace back the Saxe Coburgs you end up on a farm.[Theres Nothing wrong with farming by the way.Nothing at all but i am just making a point]. I despise the Bubble and Squeak Prince Phillip for shooting/murdering copious amounts of beautiful Wildlife the most.NO fate is to painful for Prince Phillip.Queenie just sits there on her Throne and watches[and is probably in on it] the UK get taken over by Germany/Nazi sympathisers/The EU and doesnt do or say anything.

"My husband and I have had the mauwst orful yeeyar.An Anus Horriblis.My familae and i wood like too wish you awl a veree happi Christmas and we heiope that you awl eat liorts and liorts of Ceke ! "

Round them all up and stick them all in their own Detainment/Concentration camps or somewhere secure like a remote island that is barely hospitable so they *slowly* starve and a Battle Royale scenario ensues or just drop Napalm on them.

"I love the smell of Napalm in the morning"

Alternatively cluster bombs or land mines that detonate and fire/spread thousands of bits of razor sharp shrapnel into the air that macerate everything within range or feed them one by one to very hungry Sharks.

It would make a good film/documentary or reality TV.

"I am a Federal Reserve Banker - Get me out of here !!" except this time NO ONE leaves except their souls if they even have one.

They deserve it anyway but i am still not that happy to use female genitalia as a term of abuse.

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