Monday, 8 December 2008

Whining enviromentalists :

Climate Change:

"I think governments and everyone else is just talking about it without doing anything and its getting worse and climate change is getting worse and like why wont the government do anything and its like getting worse and worse and direct action is the only way to change anything and its only young people that care because its their children who will live on a planet thats destroyed and there wont be any ice sheets left and why the government is building more airports etc etc etc blah di blah di blah anyway.

Have any of these idiots read agenda 21 and fully digested its contents ?

Do they understand how the UN works and what its agenda is regarding Agenda 21 and climate change ?

If they have then what are they whining about ?

If they havent then they need to sit down and educate themselves instead of stamping their feet and making a noise.

What is the government doing to save the planet ?

Answer:Agenda 21/sustainable development.

NO doubt most of these enviromentalist types are Church of Al Gore followers.

Uneducated idiots/sheep or misguided due to disinfo/scaremongering that they have been fed.

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