Thursday, 4 December 2008

Hoarding useless stuff:

Stop doing it.

You dont need 10 thousand empty plastic milk bottles or endless amounts of anything plastic.You dont need to save bottle tops and aluminium empty nightlight holders unless you mean to recycle them.You dont need 10000 plastic bags either so STOP doing it and remember that there is help available for your OCDs.Dont suffer in silence.Things/objects dont need to arranged and centralised symmetrically on shelves or in piles either.Also theres no use scrubbing and scrubbing with antibacterial cleaning products either as you will never get rid of all the bacteria because the second you stop they multiply and also you yourself are full up with bacteria that are slithering around and multiplying all the time.Give it up and learn to love bacteria.

It must be hard work being an OCD sufferer.

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