Monday, 29 December 2008

Magic Mushrooms:

I have had a bit of an interesting thing that has happened after taking a very small amount of Magic Mushrooms.I picked about 70 [ autumn 2007] that i preserved in honey and last Saturday or Sunday night i cant remember which it was i took them and shared them with 2 others.I thought they might have an effect on my artwork .I took them and started to feel a mild rush that didnt last very long and then nothing very much happened.

I have been struggling *a little bit* with drawing figures without reference of some kind but since the mushrooms i can draw figures without any reference including hands and just knock them out ,all in different positions etc averaging at about 5 minutes each to draw.Quite often i dont have an idea of what that figure is going to be as in a particular stance or pose or whatever but it works out anyway regardless.I do them from the back and sideways and variations of.

I have filled up pages of them [2 so far - small size figures] and it does seem like something has finally "clicked" in my mind and the Mushrooms were some kind of catalyst for something that has speeded up the learning curve expotentially.

Very interesting things are learning curves .

I have spent countless hours sitting here developing my artwork [learning !] and i am determined to do it professionally in some way and perhaps draw strips.Thats the plan anyway in the long term .

I still have this peculiar blockage where i just cannot draw faces [as in Humans] *at all* so unless this can be fixed then my options will be severely limited.I dont mind but from a commercial point of view its useless but i would rather draw strips with non human characters as there arent nearly enough of them.Anthros are by far my favourite subject plus women are quite simple to draw.

Drawing is simply one of the best things i have ever done in terms of enjoyment and its addictive to a certain extent as i cant stop.I draw something every day.I cut out a lot of distractions and things out of my life to focus on it.

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