Sunday, 14 December 2008

Aural torture/GBH of the earoles:

Never mind being locked up and subjected to hours of Nine Inch Nails.

This is my definition of torture that goes by the name of Duffy.

Absolutly fucking horrendous voice who sounds like she has been inhaling Helium.

Yeeuucchh.Every song sounds the same as well [tuneless] and so what if she is pretty ? Thats fine as long as she doesnt open her mouth and start singing.

HOWEVER if she was given songs with a tune which all had a *different* tune then she might be OK.The songwriters/arrangers of her material want shooting.

Her voice is a bit like Eartha Kitt or Nicolette who sang on the second massive attack album.She needs a contemporary or unusual musical backing to make her voice work instead of a fake retro soul sound that is similar to the rubbish that Mark Ronson produces.As soon as i found out Amy Winehouse was being produced by Mark Ronson i was no longer interested.

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