Sunday, 28 December 2008

A very special relationship :

A transatlantic and then Global coalition for change.

More Globalism i believe is the change of which they speak

The beginning of a very beautiful friendship.Together they will make everything better and stop "climate Change" and stop us being sucked into an irreversible economic decline by transferring even more of the debt onto the taxpayer.Mind you the redistribution of wealth in the US as promised by Obama is already happening what with the bailouts that are redistributing wealth from the people back to the Govt/Fed in the form of extra taxation.The same goes for Carbon Taxes that go to the UN and other parasitical elites.

"But what about the poor people ?? The Messiah promised to help them ?"

Al Gore has been appointed by Obama .Enough said.

Tax - tax - tax - increase the debt and increase spending and increase borrowing .

Makes sense doesnt it ?

Its almost like money appears out of thin air instead of rolling off printing presses.

The next 4 years are going to be like nothing you have ever seen unless you were around in Germany in the 1930s or America in the 20s.

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