Tuesday, 9 December 2008


I dont see any grey areas concerning this matter.It just immoral and wrong and i dont even want to indulge them by talking about them but unfortunately they are a fact of life and are not going to go away.So i say either lock them up indefinatly ,give them both barrels,go up to 4 on them or neuter them.

There may be a course of psychological treatment for them that is effective but i dont know for sure.Its a difficult subject and i am not defending them in any way but if its inherent instead of learnt behaviour then really they have no control over their own sexual preferences the same way a gay or straight person doesnt.Its just how they are wired.

This is just an attempt to understand them but really as soon as you look at the facts about it and the perpetrators of it and how they go about getting their kicks then i all i can say is go up to 4 on them because its exploitation of children in the extreme and the innocence of children is what is sacrosanct .

Round them up,put em in a field and spay the bastards and put them out of their misery.

They all look weird and creepy when you see pictures of them.

Theres loads in the New Labour party and in the Lib dem party as well.They attract them like flies to you know what because they are immoral and corrupt and no doubt the right have their share of them but the left is attempting to apologise for them and to a certain extent indulges them and that really sickens me like so many other things about Liberals.

I have Liberal tendencies to an extent as its just common sense and having a live and let live each to their own kind of attitude and i do understand tolerance but i cannot and will not ever vote for them or be associated with them as they are haven for the immoral and the perverted.They do have a bit of an unhealthy interest in children like politicising them and using them as information gatherers,etc which is all exploitation.Children dont vote or pay taxes so children and politics is a no no.

I am not a Christian but you dont need to be to condemn Paedophilia but i have very strict ethics.

Fuck Liberal social engineering.

Name them and shame them.

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