Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Government spin :

Just over 1000 emails sent is a "Flood" !!!!

"55% of the public say yes to ID cards ".That means that over one in 2 of the UK say they want cards going by the Govt bullshit and i take it they mean 55% of the UK as a WHOLE and not a percentage of it ??

I ask because this **very small trivial point** isnt made clear in the article such is the nature of New Labour Bullshit spin which if subject to ANY kind of scrutiny just falls apart and realistically ***if you had the opportunity*** to argue this they would have as much chance of winning the argument as a 3 legged Racehorse would have of winning the Grand National.

55 % means we all know someone who wants ID cards yet as far as i know NO ONE I KNOW wants one !!Amazing really unless i am talking to the wrong people of course or just over 1 out of 2 people i know are liars.

NO ONE I KNOW has even been asked !!

Perhaps its just a process of elimination and names of those polled are in alphabetical order ??

It seems not though so perhaps its just totally random and eventually i will be asked ??

Are those polled selected on the basis of IQ /Stupidity levels ??

Does the 55 % that say yes prove that 55 percent [and increasing] of the UK whole or in part are Stupid ??

Quite possibly YES.

I know this already so whats new ??

Is there a vote on this ??

Does 55 % mean a majority ??

Fake the "Consensus" to make up for the TOTAL lack of debate and democratic process which in turns justifies the lack of debate or vote because "everyone" wants an ID card therefore saying debate or votes arent necessary.

I suspect that i wont be asked.Such is the nature of fake "Consensus"

Pathetic Govt spin and fake manufactured consensus.There will be plenty more of this and its standard practice with the Left to have NO debate and instead impose it on everyone because they have conducted "Research" and polls etc.Its all bullshit of course because you have no way of knowing wether the poll has been conducted plus a whole load of other factors.This is just rubbish as its such a small percentage but the way it works is that the Trash in govt will say that they received the Emails and that if they decide to take the 3,000 emails and spin it so that the 3,000 emails represent a broad selection of UK citzens/subjects with just under half saying "Please give me an ID card !" and then insert the claim that the numbers that say "Yes please i want a card etc" are "Growing" or "Increasing" then hey presto you have a falsely generated or fake consensus if the broad selection saying yes are spun into somehow representing the opinions of the UK as a whole according to Govt statisticians etc etc blah blah blah blah bullshit bullshit bullshit.

So there you have your fake spun "consensus" !!

Easy !!

The curious thing about "consensus" is that it is generated from within the political party and NOT from UK citzens/subjects as they have NO say in the matter because true to the traditions of "New" Labour and all of the rest of the Left Wing rubbish they all seem to have the idea/delusion that they somehow know what is and what isnt in your own best interests better than you do.

Give them a fucking ID card if they want one if it makes them happy.I am not interested but i dont give a toss what Morons want or dont want.

Referendums are Consensus - "NO not that kind of consensus !!!"

Once their minds are made up there is NO stopping them as they will not listen to common sense and reason and rationale because their retarded brains cannot assimilate those kind of concepts.

They WILL impose these cards on the UK IF they stay in power.The scheme will FAIL and in the meantime vast amounts of taxpayers money will have been wasted in the meantime.

Too Chickenshit to hold referendums and ask the Proletariat what they think .

Personally i dont care what that moron POS Home secertary says as i wont be having an ID card anyway but listening to and reading their spin creates a certain amount of amusement on my part because it is so retarded and predictable and i see right through it.Once you understand their mindset which isnt difficult its easy to deconstruct everything they say.

They make the assumption that *everyone* is as stupid as they are.

I have complete and utter contempt for hive mind/collective organisations like New Labour.Their psychology is childish and is textbook and very easy to explain and understand and laugh at.

Whats funnier than people/sheeple who are incapable of independent thought and who cant function outside of a collective of dumb non - individual fucktard Drones like themselves?

What does this prove anyway assuming this isnt spin which is unlikely ?

That there are 1,142 Morons who have sent Emails to the home office ?

So what ??

"New" Labour are a product of the student "Radical" left/wing Garbage that proliferated in Universities in the UK during the last 30 years and who spread into Politics instead of student debating rooms where they belong.

These Morons share a collective mental disorder.

Collectivism has killed far far far more than Nazism and surely the Russian Revolution alone says it all anyway in terms of history teaching you a lesson ??

As far as i am concerned advocates of any kind of Collectivism like Communism etc are no better than Nazis.I come across them sometimes with the inevitable consequences.Naive stupid gullible minds get indoctrinated with rubbish or they are individuals who are bitter about being failures and resent others who have a bigger cut of the cake than they do OR they are Champagne Marxists/Socialists who think that because they are in political office and therefore Elites and "Party Leaders" the ethos of Socialism dont apply to them with their fat offshore [Belize] bank accounts with 100 million in them [Tony Blair] and the rest.Socialism is something that is imposed on the Proletariat by the Party Leaders for the greater good of the collective.

Try explaining this to the Fucktard Proletariat left wingers and they wont have any of it.They dont see the hypocrisy of it.

Socialism is an incentive to stay in bed and do nothing or live on handouts and stay at home and be creative as i laugh at these idiots who say we should all get paid the same as each other.Why the fuck should i get paid the same as someone who washes dishes or whatever ??Why the fuck should i work hard and educate myself and work HARD just so i get paid the same as everyone else ??

The talent / reward ratio is non existent

DO they have ANY idea how hard it has been to get this far without a pay off at the end of it all as an incentive ???

Morons.I am not carrying them .

What have they done for me ??

Fuck All thats what so FUCK Off all of you.

YOU go and go without ,take calculated risks ,educate yourselves in LIFE - NOT University,DO something for yourself,think for yourself,have a plan,learn something useful and practical and different instead of complaining and reading and studying failed ideology ,make something of yourself and motivate yourselves and make sensible life choices instead of wanting a cut of my cake now or in the future and just Fuck Off.

These types just drag you down and they are uninspiring as they dont do anything

These people just cant handle the fact that they are lower down the food chain because they cant think for themselves.I am sick of their class war as well.

Did anyone hear the Xmas message from Gordon Brown to BFPO today ??

The lack of sincerity etc in it was something else.

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