Monday, 1 December 2008


A chav goes in to a shop and asks the shopkeeper "Have you seen my Dog ? " "Yes" said the shopkeeper " your girlfriend was in here 5 minutes ago .Have you tried calling her ?"

Ever heard the joke about the Neo Nazi who waived a white flag ? "Whites will never surrender !!"

Why do Jihadists like Balloons ? You have to blow them up.

Ever heard the joke about the anti racist campaigner and the taxi ? He refused to get in it because it was black.

Why did the Nazi take a detour instead of going straight home ? A road sign said "Poland - 500 miles".

My mother in mother in law is......... always there if i want a chat .

Why did the Hippy cross the road ? A notice said "this way for enlightenment".

Why did the Hippy walk into the road in front of an articulated truck before being squashed ? He wanted to cross over to the other side.

How do you get into an argument with Anti Nazi campaigners ? Keep telling them they are Right.

Why did the Hippy miss the train ? Clocks are for straights man .

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