Friday, 19 December 2008


Bush approves auto bailouts WITH conditions !!!! as an alternative to letting them go under !!

BUT they have until March to sort things out which means the Unions will have to reduce the costs of the workforce like pay etc to make companies economically viable or funds are withdrawn.They have to radically redesign their products as i have said before.

If the Unions dont like it then TOUGH SHIT but its an alternative to job losses and foreign investment buyouts.

Which springs to mind this:

Why are UK taxpayers expected to bail out Jaguar which is owned by INDIA ??

WHY cant Indians bail out their own companies ?? or is it to keep the jobs in the UK to stop Jaguar relocating to India ??

I dont know.

Anyway Obama approves of the auto bailouts but Obama etc would have lent/given the money with NO conditions or changes to the companies as they lack business/economic sense.The same as Liberals in the UK:I.E Alistair Darling/Gordon Brown.

Ill conceived Socialistic Bullshit. [Democrats/Liberals]

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