Sunday, 21 December 2008

Please please just DIE !!:

Fucking DIE you Fucker.

Dirty Old Jew ZioNazi.

Evil personified.

He should be tried for crimes against humanity and plenty more and war crimes.

He is salivating at the mouth in a recent interview about how the time is now right for a NWO.Globalism is his answer to everything.ITs an answer/solution EVEN stupider than Communism.

His politics and manipulation and creation of conflicts have cost the lives of millions and millions.

He may be a very clever strategist etc but really he wants shooting.One in the head [from behind so its a closed casket.The bullet makes a mess upon exit]and its over.

I hope he dies and NEVER gets to see a NWO become a reality.Russia,china and loads of other countries arent even interested in the idea so the NWO is a FAILURE.

[He still has an office in the White house]

He is easily comparable to Hitler in respect of what he is responsible for.Hitler only started one war.This POS has started about half a dozen at least.

I find him extremely offensive to look at and listen to so just fucking die because i dont even want to be aware that he exists anymore.

Fuck the Anti -Defamation League.These types think that they are untouchable because they have a certain kind of heritage but if i was Jewish i would be ashamed and sickened and ANGRY about what goes on in the name of Zionism and the fact that US foreign policy/military exists purely to serve the interests of Israel.

Its ironic that these types hide behind the Holocaust and have created an industry out of it so that they have legitimacy and can align themselves with the persecuted therefore becoming untouchable so they can continue to freely perpetrate atrocities without criticism and condemnation from the rest of the planet.

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