Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Stupid Government:

Government announces a much stricter criteria for claiming benefits.Their timing is impeccable and unbelievable considering jobs are being cut left right and centre and will continue to do so even more.Its also like when the Govt realises it has to save money the first thing they attack is the sick and the unemployed.Pathetic.

They partly created the problem so if the jobs arent there then its fair fucks for anyone that has paid into the system to get money from the Govt.Fuck the Govt and heres 2 money saving tips for them:Try cutting down on the amount of unelected Quangos that they have set up and STOP wasting money on consultancy fees for info/advice that they never use anyway.

Stupid Fucks.They never saved ANY money during 10 - 11 years of economic boom so that they had a surplus of cash instead of a deficit.

Everything back to front and arse about face with the Liberals.

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