Saturday, 13 December 2008

Fife House Squatters [and people who talk shit]:

In the picture is Fife House that has been taken over by squatters.I live a few minutes away from it and i have been in this house 3 times in the past and it is one of the most amazing houses in Brighton.It has been recently restored.This house has been in the national media because of squatters.

A[sort of] friend was round last night and he said do you know about the squat but he didnt know where it was.I said where it was and expressed my feelings about the house being potentially vandalised and abused.This didnt go down well with the said friend who said that he has "runned squats" and knew a bit about them.So i asked what he would do if he was "running" it to prevent vandalism and arson and drug abuse on the premises etc.He said he wouldnt be able to do anything about it , so i said thats because you are not exercising enough control over what goes on and neither is anyone else who lives in it.I said *dont* have an open door policy and keep out undesirables.

He said "someone will let them in anyway".

[Exasperated] I said dont let them in !!!.I also said that if hypothetically i went in there and saw vandalism going on i would report them and if i lived there i would kick them out if they were degenerate Smackheads and Crackheads.You dont sound like you are very good at running squats.

Said friend starts to get a bit cocky and says if they found out i reported them they would be round here "to sort me out" and he was defending them and seemed to think that vandalism of other peoples property is acceptable.

Its NOT acceptable to me.

I also asked how these peoples lives had been affected by the credit crunch because its unlikely that all of them had been adversely affected by it like being foreclosed on and evicted from their own homes because its likely they dont work anyway and pay their own way.

So i said send them all round [the squatters] and i will make tea for them all if you like sarcastically.Send as many round as you like .The more the better.

This was *almost* a veiled threat directed at myself which is like waving a red rag at a Bull.

He then says something along the lines of "do i think i am indominatable ?" or something like that so i said kind of.I also said who do you know who is "Indominatable" ?.

The reply i got was "I know this BIG BIG BIG SAS guy who is just BIG -blah blah blah".

I asked who this was and did he have a name or any more info as i was interested because i know ex SAS people who really where in the SAS but they arent that big but i got no answer because he was talking rubbish.

I only talk to this guy because we have a shared interest in Ley lines etc and he is top of his subject but apart from that he is a cocky insolent little tosser i have decided and he has gone right down in my estimation.A potentially irresponsible idiot.

It turns out that the Squatters are sensible and are respecting the property and are not causing anyone any problems [noise and parties etc] so thats fine but the argument was a matter of principle.

Anyway there goes my first artwork commission but i dont give a toss really as i am not producing any artwork for that ugly snidey eyebrowless tosser.He can go and fuck himself for all i care.Rude Fucker.He is a loser anyway and its not my problem.

Theres too many people like this here and quite honestly i am sick of living in a Liberal town that is full of layabout Hippies ,Drug addicts and dole scroungers who seem to be permanently unable to get a job and work and Brighton is without a doubt the filthiest and trashiest place i have ever lived in.

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