Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The bailouts arent working :

Jesus Christ what IS the problem here ??

If the government GIVES the banks OUR money then you have to give them OUR money with CONDITIONS that HAVE to be met or the funding is WITHDRAWN.

It works like this : Your company is going bust or to the administrators so i say i will bail out your company by GIVING/loaning you say half a million .

I am giving/loaning/investing half a million to your company because i believe it is still a viable proposition.

In return for investing half a million in your company , I have a set of conditions that have to be met in return for the investment otherwise to invest money without any conditions is financial suicide because a company that has problems apart from cashflow needs outside help and advice as well as investment or else they wouldnt need my help in the first place.

SO WHY ??? dont Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling understand simple business practice by imposing a restriction on the amount of interest charged by Banks so that their interest rates are in line with the rates set by the Bank of England ??? instead of way way over the limit and are exploitative ???

The money was meant to be made available to businesses to keep the cashflow going yet the banks are NOT lending to businesses.They should be obliged to lend to businesses without question.

Fucking Idiot Government.

If businesses fold because of lack of cashflow then jobs will be lost and then no one will borrow any money for a very long time.

Banks for the last 11 years have been operating a pyramid scheme with very low rates of interest for over a decade and building societies were turned into banks overnight and they have been creaming it in for years because of fractional reserve lending etc and NOW they suddenly dont want to lend out the FREE money they have been given because ONLY when they realise that they have been irresponsible when its TOO late and they have NO money of their own because it has been dished out to shareholders year upon year they finally refuse to lend out ANY money when its TOO late and there is NO other option than to continue the same practices as they have for the last 11 years.

They have built their business on easy money so if they cut off the money supply the whole economy collapses .

Its not necessary to lend to private individuals but it is essential to keep lending to businesses in the short to medium term and if businesses survive then its less of a risk to lend to private individuals in the long term providing a lending policy is found that is a compromise/happy medium between the very strict lending policy before the "Liberalisation" and the total opposite of that which is the easy cheap lending of money that is created out of thin air [Fractional Reserve Lending on the part of banks and the bank of England] which leads to Hyperinflation which in turn leads to the total collapse of a whole economy.

SO STOP Fractional reserve lending or limit it so that cash is created out of cash or is exchanged and is moved around between individuals and businesses eventually ending up in Banks where it is invested and makes money that way instead of creating cash out of thin air.

Banks have stopped investing in businesses apart from providing short term cashflow but instead have been investing in private individuals in the form of loans with virtual cash that has been created out of thin air because the money i have invested in the bank has been lent out about 10 other people and any cash they have deposited goes straight out again into ATMS etc to keep the cashflow going.

In Ye olde dayes the average punter who wanted to get a mortgage in the 70s or 80s that was say 5 times their income with no real downpayment as security and no real proof of income to buy overpriced Junk would have just been laughed at and asked to leave the bank and they wouldnt have even have got far enough to even talk to a bank manager.

Years ago there was a spoof T shirt that had a logo and name that was Knatwest and it was saying that if you didnt have any money then fuck off.

Thats how it used to be.

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