Monday, 8 December 2008

Tarique Ghaffur :

Before i start the EU are after you Ireland and this time they think that they have extra leverage because of the economic situation.This is the carrot on the stick scenario.The same carrot on the stick scenario will be used to justify the UK being signed up to the New/Old/Bullshit EU constitution.Hang on thats wrong because we dont need a carrot on a stick scenario in the UK because we have no vote on it so the carrot on a stick is redundant here.

The picture above : The gross overweight ugly fuck on the left is the prime minister of Ireland - Brian Cowan.I am struggling to think of another way to describe what he is and what he looks like without being very very offensive .he looks like a fucking idiot retard with his mouth that looks like a fish does when its eating and he doesnt look like he knows what he is doing or what he looks like.Fuck it he looks like someone who is let out of a home once a day with a carer to go for short a walk.

The greaseball on the right is Jose Manuel Barosso who looks like a slimeball reptile.Once again i dont have tyhe luxury of saying what i really think about Barosso and what i would do with him.

What made you vote for that thing anyway ??? WTF is wrong with you all Irish ? You can do better than that i am sure.

TG has made some interesting comments about how the Met are in the pockets of New Labour and have been politicised partly because of Met police chief Ian Blair who since lost his job.I am not going to call Ian Blair "Sir" because he is a tosser and because he doesnt deserve the title anyway as it was part of the New Labour - cash for honours bullshit so fuck all that bullshit.I always thought he was a tosser and i am very rarely wrong about my impressions of people.

TG should look into Ian Blair and see if he has any connection with Common Purpose and have a look at his political affiliations.I always thought he looked weak.Weak people are far more dangerous than someone who isnt weak.They cant be trusted and they are difficult to deal with and will stitch you up without a second thought.I have found this to be true and also people with 30 yrs experience within intelligence have all said the same thing and they are used to dealing with very delicate matters and very sensitive information.The majority of people are weak so in reality there is only a minority that can be trusted.Never tell anyone anything that you wouldnt want anyone else to know if you dont know them.

The shooting of the Brazilian guy in a tube station who was suspected of being a terrorist and was shot in the head 7 times was found to be the fault of Cressida Dick [Met deputy assistant commisioner at the time] who is a well known member of Common Purpose.

Scotland Yard needs to be investigated with a witch hunt for members of Common Purpose/New Labour moles.Thats what i would do anyway.I would really like to go on Common Purpose courses and infiltrate them and gather as much info as possible and then leak the information to certain media who would have kittens over it all.I would love to get hold of their computer files and monitor their email traffic.The trail would lead right to the top of New Labour i promise you that.Common Purpose and their followers are traitors and criminals.Initiates of common Purpose are sworn to secrecy and will not disclose anything and neither will the organisation itself.If they are forced to they will as they are not trained to not say anything if under duress and will fold under questioning in a matter of minutes.

Getting hold of their weekly paper recycling might be a good idea as well even if it is shredded.Its easy enough to piece it back together.

Personally i would waterboard large amounts of New Labour and i would close down Common Purpose and seize all their computers and paperwork and close off their offices as its a scene of a crime rather like an FBI sting.

I dont know if the UK intelligence community are in a collective coma but this should be happening already or they should be being watched at the very least.

I need to ask more questions about this and find out more.

I say again that New Labour/Common Purpose are traitors and criminals and they are destroying this country from within and have been doing so since this government was elected.

FACT and if you dont know this and you cant see the evidence all around in all areas of the establishment/officialdom and you are not pissed off about it then you need to WTFU and start paying attention.

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