Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Goldman Sachs rule the world = DISINFO SCAM ALERT :

[apologies if this article is a bit haphazardly presented as a lot of things became apparent while typing it]

"Goldman Sachs rule the world" = DISINFO

FUCK this shit.

BEWARE of this video and the info that it contains as i am calling it out as Bullshit.Research needs to be done on the background of this prick in the video as well.I know a liar and a bullshitter and a manipulator when i see one as its all in their eyes and their mannerisms and speech etc.

I dont fully trust these kind of interviews and statements etc as while there may be a lot of truth in them they become self-fulfilling prophecies due to the reaction that they get and they usually speed up the process that is going on with negative results because every govt in every Eurozone country is in on it all and is part of the problem so you cant expect your govt to react in the correct way to avoid the crisis and to have any solution that is in your interests instead of their own.Every time these kind of announcements it sabotages the markets even more like the precious metals markets which was subject to a major devaluation very recently.

There is talk of this interview/video being fake but i dont know about that right now but it pays to always be sceptical to a certain extent.

0.30 seconds in the guy in the video is claiming that Treasury bonds,30 Yr Bonds and the US Dollar are "safer assets"!!

I keep hearing treasury bonds being touted as a safe form of investment.

I smell a rat here and i have nailed the fuckers this time.

Now i am beginning to think that this is all very suspect as it seems like the purpose of this is to encourage investors to invest cash in fraudulent Treasury bonds and the US dollar both of which are inherently unsafe investments and are linked to the very cause of the problem so this prick in the video is like a Pied Piper figure leading everyone the wrong way and suckering them when they are at their most vulnerable instead of pointing them in the direction of commodities/precious metals for example that are a much safer bet.

The banking scum are trying to present themselves as being a safe investment while it doesnt make any sense that treasuries issued by deliberately bankrupted govts and nations are in any way a safe investment as the bankrupted govts and nations do not have the financial means to pay the interest that is payable on the treasury bonds in the same way that you wouldnt invest in a bankrupt company that had been responsible for massive fraud and fraudualent accounting etc.Govts issue bonds in exchange for cash printed out of nothing by the private mcentral banks and hardly anyone is buying them anymore which is why the FEDRES has been buying US Treasury bonds and further to that investing in treasury bonds means that you are investing in the cycle of debt and trading in misery.

Lead the dumb sheep to the slaughter without them realising it until its too late which is like the analogy of the frog in the pan of water that is slowly brought to the boil.

***This is a scam to generate liquidity for criminal govts and private central banks like the FEDRES so by investing in them you are effectively bailing them all out so this amounts to an unofficial bailout***

***Sabotage every market to drive investors back to treasury bonds and currencies***

***They want everyone to invest in their SCAM***

***Announcing that the stock market is finished is a guarantedd way to sabotage it and to sabotage what remaining viable businesses there are still in existence.At the same time the bankster scum will capitalise on all this by buying up all of the stocks and shares at a vastly reduced value which consolidate their wealth and assets and control even more.The same goes for buying up all the stocks in precious metals while they have been temporarily devalued which means that they have more control over the precious metals market***

I havent had the time or the inclination to analyse this but factually its incorrect as Goldman Sachs is simply a front organisation for the criminal scum private central banking cartel and while they dont "rule the world" they certainly have an awful lot of influence and its very interesting and curious to note that all the while the planned banking/debt crisis has continued to unfold not once has Goldman Sachs been adversely affected by it to the point that they appear to be immune and the reason for that is because they are a front for the criminal scum private central bankers who planned the banking/credit/debt/Eurozone crisis.

In the meantime regardless of that be very scared unless you have taken precautions in advance and i may as well point out that moving any cash that you have deposited in banks in the UK and the Eurozone in significant amounts should be transferred to banks in Australia and SE Asia or anywhere that is not connected to the Eurozone and the US.Those who have cash deposited in the US should do the same and get their cash out of the US and the Eurozone ASAP.Dont try to draw cash out of banks when the bank runs begin as it is pointless as there is not enough physical cash in existence so choose to have the cash transferred electronically to another bank instead as its a safe bet and its very simple to the point where banks will do it for you just to get your business.

YOU are so FUCKED !!:

Finally Fear and Worry and Concern are very positive things that help you to focus your mind on the problem in hand and how to solve it and what you can do about it either individually or collectively.The majority have been lazy and slobbish and complacent for far too long while those like myself have been sounding alarm bells and shouting warnings for too long only to be ridiculed and abused and labelled as a "conspiracy theorist" so now its time for all of you to realise that you were wrong all along.I was going to say now its payback time but it was never about winning or getting ones own back on them but its very satisfying having being correct.

Reality bites VERY VERY HARD if you have been in denial of it or unaware of it for too long.

The solution to all this is very easy and painless for you and i and that is to seize and arrest the criminal private central banking maggot cocksucker filth scum and scammers and deal with them and the private central banks in the appropriate fashion but that is for another article on another day.

The planned implosion of the Eurozone will more than likely result in a solution that is a lot worse than the current set up but that is something for another day.

Apparently the banksters read this kind of negative commentary so if any of you or your minions are reading this then i will use this opprtunity to tell you all to go and fuck yourselves.

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