Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Abdel Hakim Belhaj/Guardian vomit:

Sickening spin and PR courtesy of the Guardian:


Why not give Belhaj space for regular commentaries as the Guardian has his stupid head next to the article like the rest of their hacks.Belhaj the AlQuaeda affilaiated Guardian journohack.

Hardline Islamists like the ALCIADA affiliated Belhaj hijacked and created the instability in Libya purely to take over.

The Guardian is the filthy corporate neo-Liberal rag that is right on and ok to read.They way that the Guardian tries to sell and promote the atrocities in Libya is absolutely sickening and they might as well try to sell me dogshit.I am not buying this self righteous shitheads revisionism of his life of terrorism and religious extremism and murder.I am sick of hearing his whining about his fictitious victimisation hard luck story and i am sick of their wag the dog bullshit.

The level of propaganda concerning Libya has exceeded all previous levels in its vomit inducing sickness and absurdity.

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