Thursday, 15 September 2011

You couldnt make this up:

News just in from the United Absurd Kingdom:

Lesbian Gaylord Broccili Heads.

Children were calling each other Gaylord when i was at school and i dont recall any harm resulting from it.Gays also refer to themselves as Gays which is not considered to be offensive regardless of who uses the term so surely this is going to be very confusing to small children ?

Also i doubt that the parents of the children are consulted over this since the state is actively trying to undermine the authority and responsibility of parents.

And of course this is meant to stamp out victimisation and abuse etc to create their delusional vision of a perfect society and this is acheived by victimising and persecuting and abusing small children.

This does not compute.

This is what happens when you let dysfunctional control freak mentally ill zealots run the system.

When i was at school it was endless Joey Deacon impersonations and name calling along the lines of "spastics".This initiative seems to be focussed on racism only* as that is the pet fixation of the aforementioned dysfunctional mentally ill control freak zealots.They have a fixation/obsession with creating databases with profiles and the same thing happened with storing DNA samples of babies and young children.

Its negligence to say the least that there are not very clear guidelines for this but i wouldnt expect logical rational thought and common sense.Obviously the children themselves are not the concern as its what they say that is the concern and surely the answer is to explain to the child that such and such is wrong rather than surreptitiously filing their name into a database.

Its not a joke or a put down when i describe them as being mentally ill as its a fact.

*incorrect as its not exclusively fixated on racism as its all the usual PC suspects.

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