Saturday, 24 September 2011

The older i get the more my standard of living seems to drop.

I am obviously doing something wrong but i am not exactly sure what it is.

Also i cant seem to recall if small children used to scream and be as noisy as they are now or wether or not it is because of laxed parenting and progressive schooling in state schools and i am generally very wary and sceptical of anything is described as "progressive" as in my mind it is an oxymoron.

I just had an odd experience where i just saw a female friend/aquaintance that i havent seen for 2 decades at least 2 minutes from my house in the village as it were.She does live somewhere in the same town but the curious thing is that i was thinking about her the other day and was about to contact her sister through Myspace just the other night but didnt quite get round to it but i do mean to at some point but i am slightly hesistant about it.I have no idea if i was recognised or not but i let the opportunity to reaquaint go to waste as i wasnt feeling up to it as i wasnt feeling at my best and didnt want to make a bad impression.

I went through a phase where i would sometimes see what could be described as shadows.I would see them at night only and it would happen if i was walking home late at night through town for example.They were shaped like people but only had a vaguely distinct form -arms and legs and a head but were always kind of fuzzy with no definate outline and where dark grey/black and semi translucent.I recall one instance where it looked like an adult with 2 small children walking up the road by an old wall.This happened over and over again and then stopped as i i havent seen any for years now.Of course this might sound bonkers or that i have had too many blows to the head or whatever and that its all open to interpretation but i am telling it like it is.

I am highly sensitive and have a strong sixth sense or whatever you want to call it.Someone i know who is into dowsing drew up a map of all the ley lines and the points where they intersect in the local area and as a test without seing the map i gave a list of places in the town i live where i thought ley lines* are present and every point i listed corresponded to the map and were confirmed as being where ley lines are present.The closet way i can describe what i sense is that it is something similar to smell or taste as its something i can feel in the air.its like certain places have a good vibe or a bad vibe which means a vibration.I did some cloudbusting a couple of times with a couple of friends who are tuned into that sort of thing.Once on a spot very close to Hastings Castle [where Churchill met with Eisenhower during WW2 reputedly] where we could see a thunderstorm out at sea miles and miles away so i said that "I am going to try and bring the strom in from the sea" and i absolutely shit you not about 2 minutes later the thunderstorm was directly overhead resulting in a massive downpour over the whole area.I just sat down at the spot where we were watching and then focussed on it.Afterwards the friend i was with said "you are weird you are!" which was meant as if to say "how the fuck did you do that !".Another time with someone else somewhere else we both laid down on the ground and both focussed on the sky above which was completely overcast and concentrated on clearing the clouds from the sky and we cleared a circular area of the clouds right over us.

*I dont ususally have any time for what i describe as Hippy shit but Ley Lines have some basis in fact.

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