Monday, 5 September 2011

Turbulent times:

Is it just me or does it seem that everything is degenerating into chaos and turbulence and insanity and upheavel ?

I have never known anything like it with wars and mass freak weather phenomena and earthquakes and financial mass instability and volcanos and wildfires and hurricanes and political destabilisation and floods and an unstoppable oil leak [gulf of mexico]* and the possibility of major wars and invasions general and an unstoppable chain reaction radiation leak and insanity everywhere.

[there are probably things i have missed out]

its quite extraordinary and it will get much worse and its seems to be all under the influence of something and its like things are being manipulated to coincide with 2012.Regardless of 2012 bollox it does seem like this planet is rapidly degenerating into a chaotic hell on earth as it just keeps going and going and going with no let up so far.....

The volume of news that you get concerning these matters is unprecedented and that is on a daily basis.

3 things which are proven to be easily manipulated:

Politics/geopolitics/political instability etc


Economies and financial markets etc

I did say that there was a storm coming metaphorically speaking.

*The Macondo well is still leaking as i type as the greedy and reckless BP scum drilled into a subvolcanic reservoir of Abiotic oil and the intense pressure of it is forcing it through various fissures around the well opening and there is talk of a nuke being the only way to stop it but that is not a guaranteed way to stop it as it would just as easily make it worse so it is to all intents and purposes unstoppable as the pressure forcing the oil out means that it will not close itself either.The Russians did the same thing except they did it on land and did manage to close it off with a nuke.

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