Thursday, 22 September 2011

Tony Blair/Gadaffi:

It seems that Tony Bliar the economic hitman who was representing the criminal US banks/investment houses JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs sweet talked Gadaffi and made offers that Gadaffi couldnt resist so that Gadaffi would bank with those institutions and so when Gadaffi found this arrangement to be problematic and risky he aired his grievences to the executives of those institutions which in no small part contributed to the attacks and destabilisation and takeover of Libya.One can presume that Gadaffi threatened JPMorgan/GoldmanSachs executives.

Gadaffi handled the situation very very badly or/and didnt understand the nature of who and what he was dealing with.

What a sickening repulsive creature Blair is and what a stupid Donkey Gadaffi is for being that close to Blair which was the kiss of death.

I did touch on this earlier as Gadaffi was set up when he somewhat naively tried to cooperate and fit into the international community.

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