Friday, 16 September 2011

Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen:

Its very interesting just how right John Lydon was when he wrote the lyrics to this song.

The song can be appreciated on a superficial level if you like Punk music and are anti-establishment etc which is fine but if you listen to the lyrics then its incredible just how precise and concise the lyrics are and in my opinion it is a work of genius.The beauty of it is that although the lyrics are what you might consider to be very basic its the simplicity and incisiveness/succinctness of the lyrics that is the clever part and its much more difficult than you might think to get the point across in such simple terms.

Further to that the observations within the lyrics are just as relevant and correct now as they were then and now even more so.

"No future for you"

Absolutely correct.

"She aint no human being"

Absolutely correct.


John Lydon is someone who is on my wish of someone i would like to meet and talk to.A friend met and chatted to John Lydon after a recent PIL concert but i wasnt there so i missed out on that unfortunately.

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