Tuesday, 13 September 2011

United States Of Europe:

The point of this is to remove the option to default on the fraudulent debt that was imposed on you when your various elected shills and traitors signed you over to the control of of private foreign central banks.So now if this goes through then you will be administered by the aforesaid foreign offshore private central banks.Being signed over to them was the kiss of death as evidenced by Ireland who suddenly found themselves to be in huge amounts of debt.

Its what i said would be proposed and then happen as soon as Greece was having problems as after all its all about centralisation of power and full integration.The argument is that elected politicians will no longer have the power to decide the spending budgets etc and it will now be decided by the criminal scum who got you all into this mess in the first place.


EVERY EU member state is now completely fucked up so of course i told you so so FUCK YOU to all of the naysayers who labelled me as this and that and as an "extremist" or a "xenophobe" etc so now is the time to admit that you were and probably still are completely clueless.Something that should have been completely obvious sadly wasnt and that is particularly true of Leftists who have all their own silly childish ideas about what it all means and where its going.The unfortunate aspect of all this is that your ignorance and stupidity has resulted in very dire consequences for everyone.

Perhaps one day when you finally develop into adults you will admit that you completely and utterly wrong and misguided and hopefully the consequences of your stupidity will bite you very hard and help you all to realise that you were wrong and help you to get rid of your childish simplistic naive worldview.

The stupidity of confusing sovereignty/self rule with Nationalism is too stupid for words.Of course the term "Nationalist" was used as a cheap and nasty throwaway smear.

You stupid stupid ignorant Donkeys.Hardly any of you have the brains to make serious decisions that affect your own lives.

Stupidity and ignorance costs so here is where you all start paying............

The warnings about the dangers of ceding sovereignty will become very very apparent.

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