Saturday, 3 September 2011


I forgot that i left my bike outside where i am working and it was left outside for 6 hrs or more.I was reminded by someone else that my bike was still left outside after they knew it was out there all that time when i could have been told a lot earlier or they could have moved it inside themselves.

Its like if i had a chicken in the oven and i forgot it was in there while someone else knew it was in there and didnt check it or take it out of the oven so i get reminded 6 hrs later not to forget it is still in the oven burnt to a crisp.

People are stupid and self absorbed.

A percentage of the stupid manage to kill themselves through stupidity but not nearly enough of them unfortunately.Frequently i feel like living like Grizzly Adams and if i was imprisoned i would insist on solitary confinement as people have an annoying habit of talking to me and wanting my attention and feel that they have the right to steal my time so the rules would be dont talk to me ever unless i talk to them first.

I did an IQ test recently and the result came up as 152 [IQ].It was tedious and boring and quite difficult and i admit to guessing some of the answers while other questions made no sense at all.I have no idea how accurate the scoring calculations are so it might not be an accurate result so i dont pay that much attention to it but an apparent IQ result of 152 is exceptional and apparently geius level.I have no idea and i dont think that IQs are a reliable measure of intelligence as there are different kinds of intelligence.

I have found a way to buy silver at well below its actual bullion value.I just bought some silver for 43.00 gbp that is probably worth approx 200gbp at the very least but i only do this as and when the opportunity arises and i am not telling anyone else how this is possible as everyone will be doing it.I scrapped what i thought was a small amount of silver the other day as was very surprised when i got 90 quid for it that mainly comprised of what was a broken silver candlestick that was thin sheet silver mainly and one very small silver teaspoon.If i did this every day i could live off it.I gave up trying to buy silver coinage like dollars as its a dead loss.

There goes the summer as i can feel autumn in the air now.

Whenever i hear Drivers Seat - Sniff and the Tears i am reminded of a school trip to Plumpton Agricultural College where i wandered of on my own and found my way into the henhose that was full of caged chickens stuffed into small cages with no feathers while it was very warm outside so it was baking inside it and it was one of the most horrific sights i have ever seen.

There are times when i frequently wish i was deaf.Listening to The Saturdays is one of them.

WTF is that shit about where someone provides an email link and a notepad with a ruler and a pencil pops up out of the dock on the screen of a MAC ???

Why cant they just provide an email address instead of that fucking shit whatever it is ??

I have never worked out what exactly it is but it pops up out of the dock and then disappears when all i want to do is send a frigging email.Fucking poxy shit especially if its to do with that MACMAIL thing where after spending 1000 quid on a MAC i have to pay to send fucking emails.No fucking thanks as i refuse to do that.I cant even open the fucking application.Pain the fucking arse and i need to contact someone urgently and they offer no other means to do so.Fucking bullshit bollocks MFs.I may have found a back door by registering the website.

The decline of popular music//Item 566755: Jay Z/Kanye West - Watch The Throne.The more shit something is the more popular it is.2 of the most overblown and overated egotistical pricks collaborate on one massive overblown album of substandard dross....UUUhh....UUUhhh.....UUUUhhh-U-UUUuhhhh....wassa-wassa-wassa-wassa-gotcha-money stack on blacks on blacks on blacks on blacks on -mothafucker wit my money yet....UUUhhhhh.... bitches come down to your house wit my mummy yet....UUUhhh...UUUhhh...UUUhhh......Blacks on Blacks on Blacks on Blacks on........

When i was a child all i was ever told on a very frequent/daily basis by my parents was "You dont know how lucky you are" and it was like a mantra to drive home the point that other kids were unfortunate enough not to grow up in fortunate/privileged circumstances.

F U U U C K the BBC.I stopped paying the licence fee 4 years ago as i am not paying to be propagandized.Whose intelligence do they think they are insulting ??

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