Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The new interim council of Libya wishes to extend a very warm extended welcome to Shell,Exxon/Mobil,BP,Chevron,Raytheon,Lockheed Martin,Boeing,General Dynamics,Northrop Grumman,XE,General Electric,Goldman Sachs,JP Morgan,Credit Suisse,Barclays Capital,Citigroup,and the Blackstone Group etc etc etc.

In order to create a free and open democratic society where individuals human rights are respected/protected it is necessary to round up/kill/coerce any opposition to the new Libyan regime especially if the are pro-Gadaffi.

Apparently Gadaffi is now surrounded by rebel forces despite the fact the MSM keep reporting that they have no idea where Gadaffi is.Something is amiss here.....

In the meantime the rebel forces will drive around in jeeps and tecnicals in residential areas and round up some more Black Africans and Gadaffi supporters and fire 50 cal machine guns and AK47s into the air and at buildings and homes and rob and pillage and complain to NATO etc that they are runnimng out of ammo etc as they keep wasting it all and whine about the lack of support from NATO.Some of them will pose for the camera with their weaponry with their faces and heads covered by scarves and balaclavas and sunglasses and talk about how they are going to kill Gadaffi.If they have some spare time or even if they dont they will rape and abuse some women as R+R is very important.They will drive around the perimeters of towns and cities and claim that they have taken them over.

So welcome to the new and open democratic nation of Libya where thanks to the new freedom fighters the bodies just keep piling up !!!

That POS Libyan rebel leader was complaining to MI6 that he was being tortured after it was MI6 that organised the rendition in the first place !!

Idiotic.Its like being sent to prison and complaining that you are locked up in a cell and have to shower with others !!!

Also he was pointing out that the CIA assisted in his capture and arrest as if that is somehow unusual in some way or another.

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